Thermocrete – An Approved Chimney Repair Option

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Oliver Twist Chimney and Fireplace Specialists has a very popular service offering that homes in Orange County, Long Beach and South Bay Area of Los Angeles have been able to take advantage of for decades.

Thermocrete is an approved solution.

We get many calls every week wanting quotes for a tear down and replacement because they have been told that is the only option when cracks have been found. Not true! Thermocrete CFS Ceramic Flue Sealant has been approved for repair of “Rampart General” pre-cast and other concrete pre-cast fireplaces (per Los Angeles Research Report #25455). It can also be used to repair masonry fireplaces (visit This is huge, no more is tearing down entire chimney tear downs because there is a craxk in the insulation breast plate. No more surprise, it is going to cost $25,000+ to replace the fireplace with a new pre-fab and don’t forget to pull all the permits.

What does this mean to you? It means that you have another option for salvaging your chimney instead of tearing it down.

As a professional chimney inspector we’ve have to red tagged hundreds of the “Rampart General” concrete fireplaces in the past. Many times the reason was for a small crack in the breast plate or insulation plate. Now as a certified chimney contractor, we’re very proud to be able to offer a solution to specifically repair “Rampart General” and other pre-cast fireplaces. Thermocrete seals all cracks and leaks and helps prevent structural fire and carbon monoxide poisoning.  Thermocrete is fast, clean and effective.

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100k’s of homes in Southern California have been restored to former glory with ceramic flue sealant.  This is an excellent way to restore deteriorated and damaged chimneys back to fire safe condition. Ceramic flue sealant will seal cracks, flue joints, and replace missing or deteriorated mortar in flue systems, without affecting the performance of the chimney.  It leaves the flue system with a gas tight, fire safe, rock hard, code approved lining.

Benefits of Thermocrete – Ceramic Flue Sealant:

  • Cost Effective. Service costs a fraction of the cost of most chimney rebuilds can be.
  • Protects Your Home
  • Residential Application
  • Commercial Application

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