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Chimney Crown Repair & Rebuilding

The chimney crown that sits at the very top of your chimney is a critical component. When it becomes cracked or deteriorated, it can allow water into the chimney system and lead to major damage and dangerous operating conditions.

Damaged Chimney Crown Repair in Carson CA, Downey CA, and Long Beach CAOliver Twist Chimney & Fireplace of Huntington Beach, CA, specializes in chimney crown repair and rebuilding projects. For more than 30 years, we’ve been helping our Southern California customers keep their chimneys safe and efficient. Here’s how we can help you.

A Little About the Chimney Crown

A properly built chimney crown will be made of quality concrete and designed to allow rain water to run off it rather than pool on its surfaces. The crown covers the entire top of the chimney, minus the flue opening which is protected by a chimney cap.

Chimney crowns are made to block rain and keep your interior chimney dry. Without a crown, a chimney would be subject to massive water (and debris) intrusion.

Many problems with crowns happen because of either poor-quality materials or sloppy workmanship in the building process.

How Chimney Crowns Become Damaged

Along with issues with the materials and workmanship, crowns can suffer damage from:

chimney crown repairs in CA

  • Old age
  • Lightning strikes
  • Fierce hail storms
  • Earthquakes

Early signs of damage include small cracks in the concrete structure and possibly some chipping. Long-term damage is easy to identify when major sections of the crown are falling apart.

When a crown lets water run into the chimney system, it can harm the interior masonry, chimney liner, fireplace damper and firebox. Water damage can spread and affect walls, ceilings, flooring and other parts of your home. Water can also start a dangerous mold growth.

Crown Repair

Minor chimney crown damage can often be repaired by filling in cracks with a compound designed for this purpose. This can be a long-term or short-term fix, depending on the cause of the damage.

Crown Rebuilding

If damage to a chimney crown is significant, we usually recommend that the entire chimney crown be rebuilt.

We don’t always know exactly how the original crown was constructed, but we know that when we build a new one, it will be done with exceptional workmanship and the finest materials available.

Crown Sealing

It’s a good idea to have your chimney crown professionally sealed, even if there’s no damage. When damage has occurred and we’ve resolved it, we suggest having the crown sealed to prevent future problems.

Professional Chimney Crown Repair in Anaheim CA, Fountain Valley, and CA Seal Beach CA

We use two sealant products: CrownSeal and CrownCoat. These applications create a powerful water barrier while allowing the concrete to “breathe” and not build up excess moisture.

Chimney Crown Inspections

Chimney Crown Inspection in Long Beach CA, Cerritos CA, and Whittier CA

The first step to any crown project is an inspection, which will tell us the condition of the crown and if any collateral damage has occurred.

After inspecting your crown, we’ll explain to you exactly what we found and recommend the best way to resolve the problem.

Call for a Safe, Efficient Chimney

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