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Modern Electric Fireplaces, Stoves & Fireplace Inserts

Does running a “standard” fireplace simply require too much of your time? Do you like the idea of a supplemental heating appliance but don’t like the idea of cleaning, maintenance and general upkeep? Your solution just might be electricity – as in an electric fireplace, stove or fireplace insert.

Powerful and Modern Electric Fireplace Insert in Newport Beach CA, Costa Mesa CA, and Huntington Beach CAHeating with an Electric Appliance

Various models of the styles we talked about above come with a range of heat outputs. This way, you can bring home the fireplace, stove or insert that will not only look fantastic but also supply wonderful heat to your room.

Safe and Sturdy

Today’s electric heating appliances are built for safety and predictable performance. When used according to the manufacturer’s instructions, your new appliance will provide all the above-listed benefits along with the peace of mind that comes from knowing the unit is made to be safe and sturdy.

electric linear fireplace installation in Lake Forest CA

Electric Fireplaces

An electric fireplace looks very much like a regular gas or wood burning fireplace. Many shapes, sizes, finishes and design styles are available to allow you to make a stunning statement in any room.

Inside the firebox is a lovely faux fire, complete with log sets fashioned to look amazingly like real burning logs. Dancing “flame” visuals are supplied by advanced 3D technology.

If a framed hearth is required to accommodate the depth of your unit, our crew will build it. If you’re constructing a new house, we’ll help you plan ahead for the framed area.

Electric Fireplace Insert Installations in Garden Grove CA, Irvine CA, and Anaheim CA

Electric Fireplace Inserts

If you have a traditional masonry fireplace that doesn’t give off much heat and is too drafty, consider transforming it with an electric fireplace insert.

The insert fits right into the existing firebox, hooks up easily and is ready to bring comfort and elegance to your room.

Your chimney will not be affected because there’s nothing to vent. There’s also nothing to clean, inspect or manage. Electric inserts are self-contained and ready to perform.

electric free standing stove install

Electric Heating Stoves

Sleek, sophisticated and charming – those are three words that describe the electric heating stoves available today from leading manufacturers. Far more than a glorified space heater, a new electric free-standing stove offers heat when you need it, convenience, safety and elegance.

Visuals are similar to those supplied by electric fireplaces and electric inserts (see below). Maintenance is zero, and enjoyment is a solid 10 with modern electric stoves.

Expert Installation

electric fireplace store

Electric fireplaces, stoves and inserts aren’t complicated to install, but we always recommend having one of our technicians do the job, particularly with wall-mounted fireplaces and fireplace inserts.

Any time we perform installations of any type of heating appliance, we do the work in compliance with all California state safety and building codes that apply. Most homeowners are not familiar with these codes.

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