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Annual Dryer Vent Cleaning Prevents Fires

Oliver Twist Chimney & Fireplace of Huntington Beach, CA, not only provides chimney service but dryer vent cleaning as well to keep your machine running safely and efficiently and reduce the chance of a fire.

You clean your lint trap, but that trap doesn’t stop all the lint and other particles from reaching your dryer’s vent system. Depending on how much you use your dryer and the length of the vent, there could be a substantial amount of combustible material in the pipe.

Dryer vent fires are serious, and they happen more often that you may realize. Here are some statistics compiled by FEMA.

  • Fire departments respond to nearly 3,000 residential clothes dryer fires every year.
  • These fires account for approximately $35 million in property damage, injure some 100 people and lead to a small number of very unfortunate deaths.
  • In more than a third of these fires, the cause was determined to be failure to keep the dryer venting clean.
  • The most common objects that ignite in a clothes dryer vent fire include lint, dust, fibers and clothing.

Lack of Air Flow Causes Fires and Other Problems

Dryer vents that become full of lint, dust and other obstructions prevent air from flowing properly. The start to a well-vented dryer system is an all-metal dryer vent, which will allow air to flow as smoothly as possible.

Dryer Vent Cleaning in Lake Forest CA, Mission Viejo CA, and Santa Ana CA

Annual dryer vent cleaning is also critical, as are regular inspections. The Oliver Twist crew includes highly trained dryer venting technicians who can inspect, clean and service any type or size of dryer vent.

After we’ve worked on your vent several times, we’ll know, based on your usage, how often a safety inspection should be performed to reduce the chance of fire and other serious issues.

Dryer Vent Rerouting

During an inspection, we’ll not only be looking for blockages, we’ll also be looking for improper vent installation. Some dryer vents are very long and feature numerous twists and turns. If these vents aren’t installed correctly, numerous problems can happen as the years go by.

In some cases, we’ll reroute the vent to allow it to function at its most efficient. In a very few cases, we may suggest laying entirely new venting.

We’ve performed many venting rerouting and installation projects for our Southern California customers over the last 30-plus years. We know how to do it right and in complete compliance with the many California building and safety codes.

Problems Caused by Obstructed Dryer Venting

dryer vent fire

Fire, of course, is the most serious of all problems that can result from an obstructed dryer vent. Here are some others.

  • Your machine runs hotter on the motor
  • Clothes take much longer to dry
  • Excess humidity is created in the dryer, the vent and the laundry room
  • Pipes, caps and other vent system components can become damaged

Call Us First for Dryer Vent Cleaning & Maintenance

If you’ve seen our brightly painted Oliver Twist service vehicles on the road along the SoCal coast from Marina Del Rey south to San Clemente and inland from Irvine to Downey CA, it means we’ve been on the way to bring peace of mind to another valued customer. Read our customer’s reviews here.

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